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Sisterly hug by s0ph14luvukn0w Yuki Kushinada win with Kyo by Blueblood2 Kyo and Yuki chibi sailormoon version 1 by s0ph14luvukn0w Yuki casual attire from KOF Zillion by s0ph14luvukn0w



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the destiny awaits by s0ph14luvukn0w
the destiny awaits
This is from KOF 97 based on Three sacred force team story with Kyo, Iori, Chizuru, Yuki and Orochi (sorry..missing the mark on his chest)

Based on the game:
TomonariNoctis DiaHeartSentai scrik Blueblood2
(Sally and the others run as fast as they can to reach up to Sonic and his team, everyone of them with concern look on their faces)

Sally: Sonic…don't do anything stupid…

(In that moment everyone stop when they sensed something on the ground)

Robert: Hey guys, can you feel it? Vibrations on the ground.

Espio: I felt it as well, these vibration are caused by Orochi 2's power for sure!

Vector: Oh man… this is getting to chaotic for my taste!

Yuri: This could almost be exciting if it wasn't so stressing.

King: Your definition of excitement concerns me greatly.

Sally: C'mon let’s go! We can't waste anymore time!

Antoine: Oh Sacreblurr….

(In the mean time Knuckles and Tikal are having a hard time restoring the Master Emerald)

Tikal: this is not good. At this rate the Orochi 2 will explode before we have the chance to restore the Master emerald.

Knuckles: I know, I know, but it is our only chance. C'mon Sonic, don't slack off! Take that creep down already!
Tails: You want to do what!?!?!

Sonic: Don't ya understand English? Me, Kyo, Iori, Terry, Ryo, Athena, K' and Kula absorb the power of the Chaos Emeralds and we take down that Super Mario Bros Reject.

Kyo: Us? Use the Chaos Emeralds?

Athena: but can we Humans control it?

Sonic: I believe so. After all you guys control that KI- thingy of yours. It will be easy for you guys to use the Chaos Emeralds.

Shadow: This has to be the craziest of ideas you ever had Sonic! That is impossible!

Tails: Shadow has a point. We don't know if that will work.

Sonic: Ok, but let's say it will work…

Ryo: This guy really lives in his own little Lá-Lá Land.

Sonic: C'mon, just hear me out, hear me out! If we all absorb the power of the Chaos Emeralds each of us will gain the power to beat this monstrosity. There is no way he can take us all down in this state, Correct?

Shadow: In theory, Yes! But I don't know if all of you can absorb the power of the Chaos Emerald.

Sonic: oh c'mon Shadow, At least two or three people manage to take the power of the Chaos Emeralds at the same time.

Shadow: Exactly, two or three. But we never had at least eight people to take the power at the same time, it might not even work. The emeralds works in ways we can never comprehend.

K': Hump! How long are we going to debate? Another hour or two? Or are you just simply going to wait until that thing explodes?

(Everyone turns to see Orochi 2 floating slowly towards them)
Kula: He's going to attack.

Terry: Our time is getting shorter. I say we go with Sonic's crazy suggestion.

Kyo: Oh great, we're all gonna die.

Iori: Hump! It nauseates me to fight side by side with you again, Kyo. But I have no choice but assist you in ending this abomination. With this thing out of the way I can concentrate in ending you.

Sonic:  (annoyed) Seriously, dude. Get a life! (Orders Tails and Cream) Tails, Cream, take Shadow away to safety! He's not capable in fighting.

Shadow: What? That’s idiotic! I can still fight! You don’t tell me what to do!
(Iori hits Shadow from behind, knocking him down)

Sonic: Hum…..thanks?

Iori: No problem, I had some scores to settle with him.

Sonic: Ok, Tails,Cream, take shadow out of here.

Tails: But...

Cream: Tails, I think we should go..Mr Sonic and the others will win

(Tails and Cream obeyed and took Shadow away from the battlefield without giving him the chance to object. Orochi 2 continues to approach)

Ryo: Here he comes!

Athena: Ok, Ok, so what do we do?

Sonic: OK everyone, focus! The same way you focus your ki!

K': Don't give me orders!

(Sonic, Kyo, Iori, Terry, Ryo, Athena, Kula and K' start to concentrate and all seven chaos emeralds surrounds them. An immense energy surrounds them; each one of them can feel their molecules charging up with a massive power.The entire island starts to shake)

Bunnie: Oh my stars! What is going on?

Diana: why the island shaking? This is insane!!! We are not in some insane Anime series!!!

Maxima: What's going on? My readings are going crazy!!!!

Yuri: I am feeling a Ki… No, several KI's!

Andy: You’re right; it is Terry and the others! Their KI is growing rapidly, in a scale that they never reached before!

Joe: Yeah, I would dare say they are reaching Orochi and Igniz's level.

Yuri: but how are they doing this?

Rotor: Sally, you don't think…

Sally: The Chaos Emeralds? Yes, it must be that. All of them are using the Chaos Emerald's power.

Charmie: The situation must be really bad for all of them to use the Emeralds.


(Tikal and Knuckles can sense their energy)

Tikal: unbelievable! They are using the Emeralds power magnificently!

Knuckles: I still cannot believe Sonic would go to such craziness to defeat the enemy. The situation must be really alarming for him.

Tikal: C'mon, Let's continue with our work! Our Part in this battle is important as well.

Knuckles: Right!

(Even Mogul is having difficulty in standing up)

Mogul: Impressive. This might be very interesting. Let’s see what Sonic and his allies can do with the Chaos Emeralds.

(a huge explosion of light covered the entire island, after it was completely gone Tails and Cream stared back that the Battle ground)

Cream: Oh my gosh!

Tails, look!

Tails: I don’t believe it. THEY DID IT!!!!

(Sonic manage to turn into Super Sonic while the others are simply surrounded by a golden energy. Every one of them staring at themselves for the immense power they are holding with great ease.)

Kula: A-a-Amazing….

Sonic: Yeah, amazing, isn’t it?

K: I…even I don’t have words to deceive this…I am completely speechless…

Terry: wow, even K’ is astonished. This power is definetaly amazing.

Kyo: Yeah, I feel like I could lift an entire mountain with just one hand.

Ryo: This much power…wow, if we had this baby back when we faced orochi and Ignis we could have beaten them in a blink of an eye.

Athena: You’re exaggerating…but then again you may be right.

Iori: With this much power, my enemies are no more!

Sonic: easy there, red-head. This power is only temporary. You can only use for a short period of time.

Kyo: Short? Ok, smartass, define SHORT!

Sonic: Well… we can only use it for a minute or two

KYO: WHAT!?!?!?! And you only tell us this now!?!?!? You idiot!

Ryo: Why must everything be so stressful? Can’t we have something easy?

Terry: So…we have one or two minutes to take down the Orochi clone here before he blows up and destroys haft the planet? OKAY!!!!!

Athena: Terry… I believe that Joe’s craziness is getting to you.

Kyo: Ok, let’s not waste any time. Let’s take this joker down, right now!

Sonic: Hehehe, this is gonna be way past cool!!! And you slowpokes better not stay behind or your gonna eat my dust. (Flies foward)

K’: I’m starting to hate this hedgehog.

Kyo: Welcome to the club
Chapter 31: The Chosen Eight
Kyo, Iori, Athena, K', Kula, Terry and Ryo receive a power from Chaos Emeralds with Sonic's help and became super form: Super Sonic while the others glows with golden light aura...only short time, one or two minutes..


Idea from :iconscrik:

scrik DiaHeartSentai TomonariNoctis RurouniStarchild Asura92 ImmaRobotYo aznpikachu215 Iorigaara Archedgar
Orochi-Jean tries to kill Kyo by s0ph14luvukn0w
Orochi-Jean tries to kill Kyo
Based on KOF Zillion comics, Kyo reunites with Yuki at last but Orochi (in Jean's body) out of jealousy at Kyo and Yuki's intimate relationship, creates a beam at Kyo, prevents him from going near her. However, that doesn't stops Kyo from saving Yuki from Orochi. Enraged, he began to kill him.


I made this, using original SNK arts/gifs/pictures/sprites
Yuki sprite belongs to BlueBlood2 :iconblueblood2:

sprite resource

Yuki Kushinada from "SNK Gals' Fighters" (Neo Geo Pocket) 
Kyo Kusanagi from "SNK vs Capcom MOTM"
Ripped by Grim

scrik Asura92 Iorigaara Blueblood2 aznpikachu215 
You can have her looks but not her viciousness by s0ph14luvukn0w
You can have her looks but not her viciousness
This is the funniest ever made..was about Kyo talking to Vice for disguising as Yuki in KOF Zillion :P

This is the scene where Kyo finally unmasked Vice's disguise (apparently thanks to Athena's Psycho Shield in him) and saying this "you can have her sweet and cute demeanor looks but not her viciousness"...the mini version of Kyo showing his fear at Yuki's anger LOL...that is why he is scared of her.

I made this, using original SNK arts/gifs/pictures/sprites

sprite resource

Yuki Kushinada from "SNK Gals' Fighters" (Neo Geo Pocket) 
Kyo Kusanagi from "SNK vs Capcom MOTM"
Ripped by Grim

Asura92 Iorigaara aznpikachu215 scrik Blueblood2 TomonariNoctis 
Just morning my two older sisters and I recently found this kitten wondering here before they go to work...
Here I am done playing and I'm crying thinking about my dad n kid brother...
Its so quiet without them...
I miss them so much...
Its like that I have a companion with me..
This Kitty is comfortably sleeping..
And here I am crying profusely about keep it or let it free


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Farah Lisa
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
thanks to my sister,Azura...i found this website so i'm happy that!!

My name is Siti Noorfarah Lisa Idris,call me Farah,Sophia or Miyako

my YouTube Channel:…

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(as miyakoyagami90 )

cartoon ID made by :iconvikadan:

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