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Kakeru Tsukiyama by s0ph14luvukn0w

Powers and Abilities:
As one of the mutated children of Tsukiyama, they exposed to Adamatium substance, a very dense, artificial, iron-based alloy that is virtually indestructible. A sufficient amount is capable of surviving multiple nuclear explosions with no damage. A pure blade of Adamantium is capable of cutting almost any known substance. Kakeru's skeleton had mutated with that substance into metallic form which most evil entities are fear at. He also dog training exercise, practicing gun shooting, his expertise was allowed by GUN commander. In term of speed, Kakeru is much faster than Ayane and his sister, Ayame, rivaling Elias, Kurei and Satoshi and good eye-sight which gain a nickname "Golden Death God" or "Hellhound of the moon". In term of shooting, Kakeru and Vanitas sharing singular gun shot but much better as Kakeru has better Eye sight. When Kakeru is off-duty, he spend much time to rehabilitating dogs, mirror of Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. As a member of Tsukiyama clan, Kakeru has a power to exorcised demons and has healing abilities through singing.

-Extreme sense of smell:
Kakeru possesses superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to those of certain animals. He can see at far greater distances, with perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. He retains this same level of clarity even in near total darkness. His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing him to detect sounds ordinary humans couldn't hear at a greater distances, enough to hear a teardrop in another room that have thick walls with enough focus. He is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. He can track a target by scent, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an extraordinary degree of success. Kakeru can also use his keen sense of smell to detect lies due to chemical changes within a person's scent. These senses stem from, at least partially, his constant cellular regeneration, as are his enhanced physical capabilities.

-Superhuman strength:
Rivaling with Elias in term of strength, Kakeru's musculature due to the presence of over 50kg/100 pounds of Adamantium bonded to his skeleton, which also removes the natural limitations of the human skeletal structure by allowing him to lift weights that would damage a human skeleton.

-Superhuman speed:
Being a human predator like wolf instict, Kakeru is able to move at low level superhuman speeds. He has attacked faster than the eye could follow Ayane.

-Superhuman Agility:
Kakeru's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits, even those of the finest human athlete. His agility is sufficient to allow him to dodge multiple bullets. Other times, able to jump extremely high and evade several yards.

-Weather adaption:
Being raised by his adoptive grandparents, Kakeru is highly resistant to certain elemental extremes, particularly cold, to the extent that he can sleep nude in subarctic conditions with no apparent injury.

- Superhuman Adaption:
Being raised by his adoptive grandparents, Kakeru has shown high adaptability; he took roughly two seconds to adjust to the environment of the world. Additionally, he was once trapped with Satoshi and Hitomi in an underwater cave and seemingly was able to swim, which is humanly impossible because he was never taught to.

-Superhuman reflexes:
Kakeru's reflexes are similarly enhanced and were superior to those of the finest human athlete and are equal to Ayane, Tazuki and Elias.

-Nail and Teeth:
When threatens, Kakeru has large canine teeth, akin to a large wolf which are much larger than a normal human's canine teeth. Most of his teeth are large and sharper than a normal human's, but it is his pronounced upper and lower canines from which he gets his name that are truly animal teeth. He also has 20 retractable 3" talons in place of finger & toenails. The claws are naturally sharp and tougher than that of normal human bone structure, allowing him to cut through most types of flesh and natural materials.

Kakeru can heal from injuries that result in massive tissue damage or loss such as multiple gunshot wounds, slashes, puncture wounds, blunt force trauma, and severe burns within a matter of moments.

- Infection Immunity:
Being a Tsukiyama clan, Kakeru's healing powers also extend to his highly efficient immune system. As a result, he is immune to the effects of all known Earthly diseases and infections.

- Healing abilities:
Being a Tsukiyama clan, Kakeru's healing powers gifted by Aura as a sympathy of the people being forced to banishment for trying to get the artificial sun till in destroyed. Gifted by Aura, Kakeru's hair could reverse damages done to humans including a complete regeneration of damaged tissues and organs as well as reverse aging to a certain degree, which must physically be in contact with the hair in order for the magic to work when the special song begins; his hair also emits a glowing golden yellow light when the magic activates.He only do this when he sings. But it has a limit, his hair would turn black should it be cut, and such an act also warrants immediate loss of magic. However, as mentioned above, the powers remain in his tears.

- Power of Exorcism:
Like any Tsukuyomi and Tsukiyama exorcist, Kakeru has an abilities of cleansing and purify the undead souls. The Dark entity, such as Onryo Adonis and Yurei Adonis, are greatly feared by them and even the resurrected mummified Arkham are afraid of him even when he is fully regenerated. According to Rikku Ra, Ayane and Kakeru considered "shepherds of the dead" and that is why all the demons are afraid of them. Kakeru also can chants any incantations to send demons to the underworld, such as sending "Mayu" back to the mirror to be burn.

As a secret agent:

- Gun specialist:
Being taught by Bartz, Kakeru focusing on the use of his firearms, he has displayed great skill in using a gun as he was able to quickly and accurately shoot with great accuracy, aiming at their stomachs while propelling himself into the air.His expertise in using guns is acknowledged in Aura Guardians.

- Master at gun expertise:
Kakeru can specialised with guns and weaponry

-Expert Marksmanship:
He is an expert marksman skilled in throwing weapons and firearms, but operates more efficiently without them.

-Hand-in-hand combat:
In terms of strength, Kakeru is an exceptional martial artist, with expertise in Japanese martial arts, and has mastered 15 forms of martial arts,His extraordinary hand-to-hand combat ability makes him one of the finest combatants on Earth.

As Aura Guardian/Adonis Hunter:

- Teleportation:
Being blood pact with Tellah, Kakeru can teleport at will by dispersing in smokes.

- Selective teleportation:
When in contact with someone or something, Kakeru can allow others to teleport into sort of places.

- Intangibility:
Kakeru can pass through solid objects

- Selective Intangibility:
When in contact with someone or something, Kakeru can allow others to become intangible and make other objects intangible by making them pass through other massive solid objects easily such as buildings, planes, and trains.

Power Breaker:

- Shooting Fire Star:
Kakeru jumps in the air and shoots his surroundings, burning everything around him. In, this is his special attack with a twist- he shoots at the volley ball so it will burn the opponents when it lands on their side.

- Gold Rush:
Kakeru pulls out his firearms and fires them rapidly whilst rushing an enemy.

- Final Judgement:
Kakeru pulls it off he hops in the air and fires his handguns which now shoot laser spheres at the enemy, after a certain amount of level ups before falling back down to his bike he pulls out his surrogate father's rifle and fires it off against them too.

When off-duty:

-Dog training and rehabilitation:
It appeared that he's also a dog trainer if he had free time, showing his fondness of dogs, which he complies that he look up to the famous Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, like by snapping his finger, poking it's hind legs, shush it if the dog still aroused. Other than that, he also look up to another dog trainer who love affair of wolves, Jennifer McCarthy, which in his case by grabbing the wolf-dog and look directing to it's eye and growl, also showing the frightened wolf-dog in respect way.

Kakeru usually speaking Philippines and Spanish when talking to his mother and his sister, Ayame.  He also fluent in many languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Lakota, and Spanish; he has some knowledge of French, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Farsi and Portuguese.
Kakeru Tsukiyama's powers and abilities
The blonde wolverine with guns and teleportation and human Guntz the wolf
Momiji Souma @ Shiba by s0ph14luvukn0w

Powers and Abilities:
As the priestess, Momiji relies on her sealing and healing powers. She also equipped bow and arrow and naginata as well. As a weaker character,mostly trained under Tazuki and Ayane's tutelage, she must rely on long combos and throws to effectively do damage, and she has a lot of launchers that can help start long combos. She is well suited for beginners, thanks to her simple moves and balanced stats, and is a deadly weapon in the hands of experts who can utilize her deadly combos and air juggles. More over, she is more focuses on melee and long range. As an EPSrion Aura, she also possess light energy called " Photokinesis". Just like her Gold Dimension counterpart Chizuru Kagura and her daughter, Momiji can use her powers to seal Orochi in another dimension. She also creates mirror image of herself and her friends to fool her opponent.

- Agility:
Despite her small statures, Momiji can run faster and she manage to dodged any beams that shoots her but not as speed as Ayane. Momiji is quick and agile, able to briefly move at hypersonic speeds

-Enhanced Strength:
Her strength level is that of a female human of her age and fitness level who engages in intense training in order to protect her clan

- Acrobatics:
Like most ninja, Momiji is able to easily move between platforms, jump off of and briefly run on walls.

- Durability:
Despite her fragile appearance and her tendency to avoid combat, Momiji has proven herself to be quite resilient

- Keen Intellect:
Momiji has proven herself to be a very intelligent, logical and intuitive. Being an avid reader, she has also shown to be adept at solving words-related puzzles and riddles: she was able to see through the spell.

-Hand in hand combat:
Trained by Ayane, Momiji trained with Ninjutsu and Aikijutsu by Elias.

-Expert at Bow and Arrow:
With her keen eye sight, she can pinpoint her target.

-Wielding Naginata:
This sacred relic was carved making it surprisingly light, flexible, and powerful, allowing attacks

- Singing ability:
As an idol in her group GOF 48, Momiji can sing, earn her nickname "GOF48's Yuko Oshima"

- Photokinesis:
Due to her blood pact with Twillight, Adonis of Purity, Momiji posseses a light energy with contained pure energy which allows her to seal her opponent's powers and also healing her allies.

- Telekinesis:
Due to her blood pact with Twillight, Adonis of Purity, Momiji also posseses power to uses telekinetic powers with her psychic. She can move objects with her mind, bypassing laws of physics, such as gravity. She can simply focus her mind on a nearby object and move it through the air, in any way she wants, with her willpower alone. In a combat situation, though, when her mental focus is limited and impaired, she has to charge psychic energy on the target object or person by touching it, in order to move it.

- Arrow of Light:
A bow used by the Shrine Maidens in rituals, where Shrine Maidens would pluck the bowstring like an instrument to drive away evil spirits

- Power of Twillight:
A divine power that transforms dancing leaves into flames that incinerate evil in a vortex of purifying fire. The sacred flames will only burn the wicked, leaving the innocent unscathed.

- Milky Way:
A damage dealing psychic attack, Momiji went on to chant out. This prompted the area around her target to become full of star-like lights, followed shortly after by a dark blanket reminiscent of a night sky. All of the star-like lights explode at the same time, causing heavy damage upon the target.

-Dance of Purificio:
Just like Kurei, Momiji is a powerful priestess, as a Female Shaman Mu called Mudang. She can performed "Purificio" Dance to purify the dead and guide them to World Sanctum to rest with Kurei on her side.  A dance he performed is the Gut ritual-involving offerings a sacrifices to the gods and ancestor worship, rhythmic movements, songs, oracles and prayers. These rites are meant to create welfare, promoting commitment between the spiritual and the mundane world. The main varieties of the gut are naerim-gut, dodang-gut and ssitgim-gut.

As a Yata descendant:
Just like her Gold Dimension counterpart Chizuru Kagura and her daughter, Momiji can use her powers to seal Orochi in another dimension. She also creates mirror image of herself and her friends to fool her opponent.

- Seal:
Just like her Gold Dimension counterpart Chizuru Kagura and her daughter, Momiji can use her powers to seal Orochi in another dimension, being a Yata descendant.

- Telepathy:
Momiji can speak into other people's minds. She can also temporarily possess people for similar purposes.

- Mirror Image:
Momiji  can create copies of herself. The copies, when created, may only move, attack and disappear. She can also switch places with one of her copies, an ability usually used to follow up on an attack from her copies with another attack of her own. It is implied that she doesn't master this ability, yet

By the power of the mirror, Momiji can reflect projectiles.
Momiji Souma @ Shiba's powers and ablilties
The miko priestess with powers of light and somehow behave like Lucy
Dante Trigger by s0ph14luvukn0w

Powers and Abilities:

Dante relies on speed and concerntration during battles. As a Tae kwon do practitioner, he relies on kicks. His strength rivals to Satoshi, almost at the same length but more experience than his sister, Shizuko, Raidou and Ventus.

Dante's time power is similar to Pokemon's Celebi's power and Fairy Tail's Ultear Milkovich's Time arc. He also shares healing powers like his twin, Shizuko, thus earn a nickname "A Child to travels through time".

Time Control and Travel:
After made pact with Chronos, Dante has a power to control time, allow him to manipulate the "time" of organic and inorganic, but non-sentient, objects, "moving" them either back or forward in time and thus changing their condition. He can travel through time he's not affect since it's harmful for normal humans.

Time Compress and Decompress:
Dante can compress and decompress at will. It used by using eyes as it glows light green.

Time Freeze and Unfreeze:
Dante can freeze and unfreeze at will.

Dante uses his time Magic to restore inorganic items back to the state they were in before they took damage. He uses to save a boy who almost crushed by a falling building using his mind or extending his left hand as his eyes glows.

Solar Beam:
A damage dealing attack. Dante puts his hands in front. Then, a green and white ball of light emits from his palm, points at his enemy, then fires a white or light green beam at the opponent.

Healing Powers:
Like his sister, Shizuko, he has a healing powers. After touching the time ripple, his body glows in light green. Then, releases waves of blue-green energy come off his body. The waves make a bell-like sound, and heal everything or himself.

Heart Transient of Space and Time:
Dante has that ability to see people hearts but he cannot get through anyone who's rage waves is strong but with a help of Elias' Pure form, he manage to calm the Roc.

Memory maker and Eraser:
Dante has an ability to see memory by projectiles an image of one's mind and he can erase and re-write memories that long forgotten, he lets the person's relationship intacts which  he said "I leave the fun!" , only he changes it. Dante used this on Kyo after he was succumbs of the "Riot of the Blood" and brainwashed by Lust that causes him lost all of his memories, Dante re-writes his memories by collecting all the memories from Yuki, Benimaru, Kensou, Athena, Saisyu and Iori and wipe his memories of his involvements of the Adonis hunters and monsters and his under influenced by Lust, but he leaves his relationship intact with Yuki, Athena, Goro, Benimaru, Kensou, his family and his rival, Iori, also, made him think Satoshi as his classmate, afraid that his interacts with this young ronin hunter's involvement of Adonis slaying, which Satoshi sadly accepts this.  However, Kyo regained his memory when Satoshi fighting the Adonis monster.
He also do this to Mimi after her accident of falling down the ravine due to her ferocity and disobeying towards Satoshi which cause him drops her by accident, Dante erases her memory of her involvement of HIM and the genocide of the Megaville destruction, but leave her relationship intacts; that is made her back as an innocent girl, her friendship with Girm Jr and Jeff the Spider, rivalry with Minnimandy, her affections with Chi and her love for her deceased mother, Blossom, which she became kind, compassion and  mild-mannered. She became closed to Satoshi, viewing him as her surrogate father, which HIM didn't gave her.

Time Reverse:
A forbidden Time magic Dante has with Chronos. Time Reverse is a magic that allow the user to reverse time itself but as a price the user cost their lives. To activate it, it acquires another Trigger twin; Shizuko. As the Trigger twins hold hands together, they performed Time Reverse to return the way before the rise of Izanami, a demonic deity that tried to kill humans by purging them from earth.
However, Dante manage to be save thanks to his future self.

Hand-in-hand Combat:
Dante relies on kicking style martial arts; Taekwondo, a Korean martial art. It combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. Gyeorugi (pronounced [kjʌɾuɡi]), a type of sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000. Taekwondo was developed by a variety of Korean masters during the 1940s as partial combination of taekkyeon, Okinawan karate, and other traditions. Taekwondo training generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes and may also include various take-downs or sweeps, throws, and joint locks. Pressure points, known as jiapsul, are used, as well as grappling self-defense techniques borrowed from other martial arts such as Japanese judo, Korean hapkido, and Korean wrestling or ssireum.

Immense Agility:
Dante proved to have an excellent reflexes and agility, as he manage to dodge the Roc's beam attacks.

Immense Durability:
Despite he's being weaker than Elias, Dante is quite resilient and strong durable.

Psychic link:
Being a twin, Dante can feel of what his sister feels, like pain and emotions. For examples, when Shizuko was tortured or was force to awaken the Roc inside her, Dante was affected by the pain through mental psychology and physically. Elias had recognised this gift (or curse said by Shizuko) that Satoshi and Satoko had and this gift made Elias easily figure it out that Dante and Shizuko are twins without suspecting it.
Dante Trigger's powers and abilities
Shizuko's twin brother who can control time and proficient in Tae Kwon Do
Satoko Amaterasu by s0ph14luvukn0w

Powers and Abilities:
Being a twin, Satoko shares her brother's strength, intelligence, stamina and speed but lacks of blend-in, timing and focus. Satoko was one of the fastest and strongest among female characters and has wings which allows her to fly. As the heir of the Amaterasu clan, she possessed a Shakugan, a genetic fiery red eyes when activated. Contrast to her brother uses fire based, she possessed a cryokinetic powers which enables her to control ice and her hair turns icy blue, hence her nicknamed "Ice Angel of Death" to the Malevolent Adonis and later "Ice Angel of Hope" by Aura Guardians. Despite she is equal strength with her brother, she's capable to defeat him with single swipe with her scythe and broke his sword. However, since she's lack of focus due to her immensed anger and hatred, she was defeated by Satoshi and fatally injured by Adonis Invidia. Being a child of Sanctus, she possess a wings which she can appeared and disappears it.

As Amaterasu clansman:

-Shakugan: As the heir of the Amaterasu clan, she possessed a Shakugan, a genetic fiery red eyes when activated. They can uses it to predict the opponents by scanning their aftermath movement before it happens. It also worked like an Infra-Red because they can see in the dark.

- Aura: Giving by Princess Aura as a sympathy, Satoko was gifted with powers in a form of spiritual energy. It is described as the essence of every living creature. She inherit her powers from her father, Sirius Blage, the Aura Guardian Archangel.

- Sense: Ability to "sense" other Auras even while blinded. Satoko uses this when she senses the Malevolent and Benevolent spirits and other Adonis Hunter's aura nearby.

- Force Palm (Japanese: はっけい Force Palm) : a damage-dealing Fighting-type. Satoko move runs up to the opponent and puts her palm on it. She then fires a huge light baby blue blast from her hand at the opponent.

- Aura Sphere (Japanese: はどうだん Wave Bomb) : a damage-dealing Fighting-type move. Just like her twin brother, Satoko sends multiple spheres at the opponents by puts her hands together and creates a cyan ball.

- Projection of one's Aura: such as to create barriers or attacks. It can also be used to transfer Aura to others but that method can be fatal to the user. She also uses to communicate her aura to one another, like how she sensed her brother in danger.

- Telekinesis: As the member of Amaterasu clan, they possess a psychic ability. This ability to allow Satoko to detect their opponent's thoughts and actions by reading their aura. Like her brother, she also can read their thoughts and movements.

- Superhuman Strength: With a Hercules' strength, Satoko can carries any heavy objects like she carries a huge scythe and swings it with an ease. She was also able to lift Hitomi while both of them were stuck in a quicksand-like trap and to throw her away several meters up in the air, as well as to shatter the section of a stone wall with a single punch sideways. Her strength is equal of her brother, Satoshi

- Superhuman Speed: Due to his Aura ability and flight ability, Satoko can fly in highspeed with the help of her angel wings.

- Flight: With her angelic wings, Satoko seemingly gains the ability to fly for short distances.

- Psychic Link: Thanks to the bless from Aura, Satoko shares a mysterious psychological and physical link with her twin and his shadow. This shown that she feels the pain from Satoshi as his fist was crushed and his leg dismembered and his torso punch through by the unmerciful Hades. Also, she injures herself in order to save Raidou from Sayo's death blow.

As Adonis Hunter:

- Cryokinesis: After she made pact with Agul, Satoko has an impressive control over ice. When using her powers, her hair becomes blue. This is the fact on how she believes that no one would love her. During her captivity and her freedom, she is shown to create ice at her will and to shape it into objects. Specializing in it and having been practicing it for years, she possesses extreme mastery over it, being capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. Also, according to Agul, her Ice power allows to produce virtually everything, granting the user an unmatched creation capability.

- Arrow of Ice / Ice Arrow (Korii no Yaa) : Just like Satoshi's Flame Arrow, Satoko releases a beam of ice in form of an arrow by using her right hand to swipe in circular fashion and creates ice arrow and sends one or multiple ice arrows at the opponent. Another, she also made a form of bow and arrow, she creates one or more arrows out of ice, which are subsequently shot at high speed to enemies through the use of the previously made ice bow.

- Blizzard spikes: A Fighting type. Satoko can create ice spikes around her hands and transform her hair and her wings into ice spikes that can push everything even to the weights of Gluttony. She also shoots Ice Spikes with her wings by extending her wings and sends the showers of Ice Spikes to the opponent by flapping her wings.

- Ice Breath: A damage dealing Ice type. She blows her breath and turns her enemy into an Ice by throwing kiss.

- Ice Shield : Satoko can create a shield of ice with her wings. The shield is hard enough to withstand superhuman strength, like that of Gluttony and Ferio's mecha robot.

- Ice Blade (Korii no Yaiba) : A damage dealing Ice type. This is Satoko's trademark attacks with her huge scythe. She swipes her Scythe and creates single or multiple blades of ices on her opponents. She uses this attack to protect Hitomi from Lust.

- Blizzard Storm Wave: Her strongest attacks. Satoko can transform the air around her into ice, damaging anyone except herself in her range.


- Expert Weapon Specialist:
Not only her scythe, she can uses most various weapon, such as sword, spikes and arrows. Satoko has displayed considerably great ability in wielding the weapons produced by her Ice attacks. She is very skilled in swordsmanship with her constructed ice swords of various forms and sizes, and is also more than capable of wielding other types of bladed weapons. She has also shown to be adept at marksmanship, using her ice bow to throw arrows at great distances with pinpoint accuracy. She also an excellent skills of Bojutsu; the martial art of using a staff weapon called bō which simply means "staff". Thrusting, swinging, and striking techniques often resemble empty-hand movements, following the philosophy that the bō is merely an "extension of one’s limbs".

- Hand in hand combat:
Although she depends on Agul, she also expert at unarmed combat. Satoko possesses great skill in hand-to-hand combat, first seriously shown when, despite her grievous wounds, she managed to overwhelm Lust in order to protect a defenseless Hitomi, and generally displayed in a comical way during her scuffles with Lilly. She is capable of packing powerful punches and kicks, and he often employs unarmed combat in conjunction with her Ice spells to gain the upper hand in battles:

- Enhanced Durability:
Due to her long-life force from her clansmen, Satoko has also displayed tremendous durability during battle. This has shown when, despite her grievous wounds, she managed to overwhelm Lust in order to protect a defenseless Hitomi, she even survived from Satoshi's fire attacks and Hades's brute attacks.

- Enhanced Agility:
Thanks to her wings, Satoko has shown on different occasions to be very fast and agile. During her fight with Greed, she displayed enough acrobatic prowess and strength to move several meters in the air by flight. He was also able to avoid some of Pride's shadow attacks despite her overwhelming speed.

- Accelerate Growth: Due to her mother's marriage with her father, Sirius Blage, Satoko developed a rapid growth from her early childhood.

- Regeneration:
Due to her Angel power, Satoko manage to regenerate herself with her Aura power.

- Music Instrumental playlist:
Satoko also shown to be proficient at making music. Satoko uses her scythe as a flute as seeing her playing with it. She uses that song to soothe her brother when he cried, sad or grief.
Satoko Amaterasu's powers and abilities
A femme fatale angel girl with ice remind me of other femme fatale girls from anime
Kazuma, son of Kasumi, an amnesiac runaway ninja from the Mugen Tenshin clan  and heroine of Dead or Alive series,and Asura, a fallen demon from the Akatsuki clan whom Kasumi met , set off to defeat Victor Donovan at all cost, as well his demonic uncle Yura and his mother's relative from Mugen Tenshin clan (he hated Ayane for calling his mother a traitor,unaware that his mother was related to them) to protect his mother and his twin sister, Asuka whom he loves her dearly had became the target of Victor's schemes. Together with his master and guidance, Ryu Hayabusa, and his trusted uncle, Hayate, Kazuma set off to stop Donovan and Yura's schemes to take over the world.

Dead Or Alive- Tecmo @ Team Ninja
Kazuma and Asuka- my oc


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