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New Character: Julia Ra by s0ph14luvukn0w
New Character: Julia Ra
Julia Ra is the daughter of Pharaoh of the sun, Armon Ra and Queen Tuya, younger twin sister of Rikku Ra and the princess of the Sun God, Ra. She is the co-heroine of the long story of Adonis Hunter Satoshi: The curse of the Mummy and she is only 17 years old. She is Kurei Amakusa's love interest.

Age: 17 (chronologically 1700000)
Hair colour:
Jet Black (originally)
Gold yellow (currently)
Eye colour: emerald green
Race: Egyptian (Al Bhed)
Princess of Sun God (formerly)
Medjai princess

Armon Ra- father
Rikku Ra- older twin brother
Kurei Amakusa - love interest
Satoshi Amaterasu- friend
Satoko Amaterasu- friend
Kurei Amakusa - His childhood friend and rival
Raidou Amamiya - friend, she's worried at his reckless reading will bring Arqam back to life)
Ayane Tsukuyomi- friend
Tazuki Susanoo- friend
Shizuko Trigger- friend
Dante Trigger- friend
Elias Tsukimoto- close friends shared their philosophy
Kakeru Tsukiyama- friend
Momiji Shiba- close friend, she is jealous of her being calm around Kurei
Arqam- enemy, she and her brother suspected him to be destroyed
Qurisya- her father's concubine, enemy

Personality: beautiful, timid, bookworm, funny, spunky, playful, innocent, caring soul, kind-hearted, easily scared, fearless, emotional, loving, grateful, patient, calm, helpless, adventurous, graceful, protective, sympathetic

Eve O'Connell (nee' Carnahan) from The Mummy, Mummy Return and Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Sulia Gaudeameus from The Fatal Fury Armor of Mars

Born as the Princess of Ra, the Sun God, Julia is the daughter of Ra Pharaoh, Armon Ra and Queen Tuya, ruler of the Ra Palace, City of the Sun. On 17th birthday, she witnessed her mother duels with Qurisya and ended her defeat by Tuya. Her father citing that his son, Rikku Ra as a Medjai and entrusted his daughter to with the task of watching over the ancient 12 Stars Jewels. Her mother, Tuya contracted with fatal diseases, not before her promise that she will always have courage and be kind to others, for - as she explained to her - kindness has power and magic, and would see Julia through all the trials that life could offer. At the same time, she saw Qurisya tried to stabbed her father and she manage took a blow for her father. Wounded, Rikku bring Julia and his father and sentence them to mummified alive. Arqam, however,  would suffer the Hom Dai, a legendary curse which granted the victim unholy powers and control over the Ten Plagues of Terra. At the same time, Armon Ra made a ritual to Ra To save his daughter and places them with Immortal powers which costed his life. Before his death, he tells his children not let any intruders come to the forbidden city who may revive the mummy and unleash his powers upon the Earth and Terra. Shortly after the death of her parents, they were raised by the Medjai. In 2017, she was rescued by Kurei who just recently arrive in Egypt with Satoshi and his friends (while Elias also went to Egypt for business trip at the same time) when she was harassed by the street punks and left the scene. Julia knew Kurei and began to follow him quietly as they inside the forbidden city where they found Arqam's sarcophagus which his mummified form to burst out, due to the pressure of the air inside its sarcophagus; the mummy was noticeably moist even after three thousand years and still decomposing. Elias examined the lid of the sarcophagus, where an inscription was made with fingernails by the condemned mummy when he was still alive: the message stated by Julia as she said "Death will begins the Darkness".

Tell the truth, i was never made another girl. Since Momiji Souma, one of my oc, was a less heroine and much like Lucy Heartfillia, I create Julia to make new heroine for Kurei. Originally, i want to make her different nationality but since i've watch The Mummy and Mummy return, I made her an Egyptian with her immortality powers, which is why she and her brother remained young due to their father's dying moment by putting a spell to them. I think Julia is much better heroine than Momiji since she's more patient. I made her inspired of Eve O'Connel from the Mummy.
Our step father, Idris bin Ismaoon..passes away at the age of 48 was a sad day...our step dad that always cheerful, jokey, loves to laugh, friendly...has go peacefully...innallilah warrahman nirrahim
Goodbye Wak Ris...i love u
Adonis Hunters as VIXX by s0ph14luvukn0w
Adonis Hunters as VIXX
Not much I know them, but I like their concept, especially the Vampire version "On and On" so draw my ocs as them..
I love vampires stories and mv..

This one that Satoshi, Kurei, Raidou, Dante, Kakeru and Elias possesed by spirits of VIXX causes them turn into Vampires by entering their bodies, became a darker version. I wont tell about it why but can anyone can made up that story^^ but what i tell u why; they existed only single thought of their mind; find the suitable hosts to put an end to their uncle, Heidrench, and his plan and destroy their step-mother to save Hitomi.

"Get ready to feel hurt!!"

Satoshi: Having possesed by Leo, he turn into level-headed, violent and easily furious. However, still maintain Satoshi's love for Hitomi and this drives him to save her. His abilities can control fire.

Kurei: Having possesed by Ken, he behaves like Iori Yagami; sadistic, serious, rude and direct-to-the-point but unlike Kurei, he didn't curse.
His abilities can conjure Darkness. Kurei, before he was possesed, state he doesn't like his vampire self reminded him of his annoying Gold Dimension counterpart; Iori Yagami.

Raidou: Having possesed by Hyuk, this Raidou had turned into a childish but sociopath and psychotic. He revels in misfortune by enjoying seeing people suffering, like hurting their stepmother to death. He is suffered of "Yandere" euphoric complex, this is why they were rejected by their step-mother. He also had a habit of saying "I need Theraphy, la,la,la,la,la theraphy". His abilities can control Lightning. Raidou, before he possesed, said that he hates Vampires the most and likely he has a fear of mentioning them as being "bloodsuckers".

Dante: Having possesed by N, Dante still maintain his laid-back personality but somehow developed his lust for woman, enjoy toying them, had no regards of torture them, showing his malevolent side. He sees his step-mother as his "lover", due to the past his step mother having sex with him. His abilities can control time.

Kakeru: Having possesed by Hongbin, Kakeru turn into sophisticated and refine, mostly quiet of the group. His only sentence was "get ready to feel hurt!" when he re-meets their step-mother and their traitorous uncle, which he knows from the beginning it was his plan to uses Hitomi as a sacrifcial bride and disposes their step-mother after her use is done. His abilities can teleport and hand-in-hand combat.

Elias: Having possessed by Ravi, Elias' personality revert to the characteristic of Jedah Dohma; calm, collected and manipulative but sometimes revert to the point of insanity when he is enraged. He cared for his other siblings and worry for their safety. His abilities can control earth.

VIXX: Ravi, Hyuk, Hongbin, N, Leo and Ken
AHS: Elias, Raidou, Kakeru, Dante, Satoshi and Kurei
Kazuma, son of Kasumi, an amnesiac runaway ninja from the Mugen Tenshin clan  and heroine of Dead or Alive series,and Asura, a fallen demon from the Akatsuki clan whom Kasumi met , set off to defeat Victor Donovan at all cost, as well his demonic uncle Yura and his mother's relative from Mugen Tenshin clan (he hated Ayane for calling his mother a traitor,unaware that his mother was related to them) to protect his mother and his twin sister, Asuka whom he loves her dearly had became the target of Victor's schemes. Together with his master and guidance, Ryu Hayabusa, and his trusted uncle, Hayate, Kazuma set off to stop Donovan and Yura's schemes to take over the world.

Dead Or Alive- Tecmo @ Team Ninja
Kazuma and Asuka- my oc


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Farah Lisa
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thanks to my sister,Azura...i found this website so i'm happy that!!

My name is Siti Noorfarah Lisa Idris,call me Farah,Sophia or Miyako

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